A One Night Art Event!

October 4, 2013

6-11 pm

Bringing together local artists and designers who curate our everyday environments, we hope to facilitate interaction between industries, people, and space. LA Luz will host various individuals in the real estate, design, and construction industries for a one night art event highlighting some of Los Angeles most talented artists.


LA Luz Curator - Tess Logan

With a conceptual and literal departure from the white cube gallery, LA Luz will showcase art using light or concepts of illumination to transform space and question the boundaries between art and design.

Receiving her BA with Honors, from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College in London, Tess has studied painting, sculpture and art history at institutions in Europe and the western United States. She recently returned from doing an art residency with the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing (the first and oldest contemporary gallery in Beijing).  During her time there she was part of several group exhibitions including the first two inaugural shows with Cerebellum Art, an independent experimental curatorial gallery.

“In addition to my role at Gensler, I am an atmospheric photographer and painter.  While living and working with artists from around the world I discovered the incredible Beijing art scene and city. This experience  inspired me to explore how exposure to progressive and conceptual art can inspire and illuminate the space around us, and became the driving force behind the concept for “La Luz”.